Added the photoshoot that Olivia did for ‘Lucky’ Magazine May 2014 Issue. She looks amazing! Check them out!

Added new High Quality scans of Olivia at the ‘Lucky’ Magazine May 2014 Issue. Check them out! [HQ]

When it comes to celebrity style crushes Olivia Wilde surely tops a lot of women’s lists. But the star says she wishes she could dress a little more like another actress. “Eva Longoria always looks so put-together and goddamned adorable,” the expecting star shares in the May issue of Lucky magazine. “But I can’t imagine walking everywhere in those heels. She goes to the Laundromat with them on! I just don’t have it in me. My style is never uncomfortable…it’s part of my nature to look a little messy.”

Her messy-chic style started by borrowing staples from an unexpected place: her dad’s closet. “At 13 years old, I was wearing a lot of corduroy suits with wide-collared polyester shirts,” she shares with the publication. “My nickname at that age was ‘thrifty girl,’ which I think of now and is so weird,” she says. “But at the time, I couldn’t imagine paying more than $20 for a pair of jeans.”

Of course, now the 30-year-old’s wardrobe is a mix of both high and lows. But it’s less about labels for the Rush star and more about being inspired: “I remember thinking, I’m going to go home and buy a bunch of pencil skirts so I can do that. The same thing happened with suspenders. I saw someone in suspenders and I thought, yes! suspenders are everything!”

In the end, however, Wilde can sum her style motto up in one thought: “When in doubt, look to the French,” she says.

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Added new candids of Olivia out and about in New York City on March 27, 2014. Check them out!

Added new High Quality candids of Olivia out and about in New York City on March 22, 2014. Check them out! [HQ]